Make it stand out!

Small Business people work hard, so we want to make sure your brand stands out. We will support you to improve your social media platforms and make sure you have a consistent presence that reflects your business. We take the stress out of social media.

How does it work?

We set up and tweak your social media to make sure it is reflecting your brand in the very best way. There are two parts:

Set up phase

We create new profiles or tweak your brands profiles on Instagram, Facebook & Linked in business page. We’ll discuss a couple of good options for your profile pic and cover image.

Tradiesocials will make sure that you bio’s and about pages is free from spelling mistakes. And that it makes sense to your clients.

Some pricing plans include an onsite visit included in Auckland: and photos and videos will be taken on your behalf.

Weekly posting & Ads

Depending on your pricing plan we will post out on your behalf with both graphics/content specifically written and developed for your business. This may often be a mixture of your shots you have taken on site.

A small ad budget is included in the majority of the plans to ensure that you are reaching your audience.

NB# Special promotions for products or promotions are charged separately.

Let's get started…

What do I do?

Easy. Just complete the form on the right…

Well arrange a time to meet and have a chat about your social media and what you want done. No stress no fuss. Hayley will come on site in her gumboots if needed.

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what our customers say

Oratia Coffee Roasters

Dave Gwilliam (Owner)

Hayley really helped me with my social media strategy. She set up our templates and ads without any issues. Thanks mate!

Property Pro Services Akl

Jim Kent (Owner)

I have been using Hayley at tradiesocials for my social marketing.

Using her extensive knowledge in this area has helped increase our leads by at least 25%

Cost-efficient compared to other marketing companies and when you call her you get her, not some desk person who has no clue what your business is about.

Central Builders Akl

Johnno- Central Builders Akl

Tradiesocials- helped us by setting up Facebook & Instagram pages. Then running ads to get our profile out there. Great service without the big agency fees. Plus you can call anytime!