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Social Media Strategy 1/6

What is your social media strategy? Part 1/6

To make it easy to think about. I have broken it down into 5 chunks for you below. This works the same even if you are using someone like me as a social media manager (SMM) and can be a collarborative process.

    1. Clear Goals: Be clear about  the outcomes of your efforts and how you’ll measure them. Is it growth, brand awareness. Use S.M.A.R.T. goals to make sure you are keeping on track.
    2. Targetted Audiences: Think about your ideal customer. What does this person do, where do they live? What kind of content can you provide that will interest them?
    3. Content Creation/Types: With your targetted audience in mind. What social media information would your potential client like to see based on recurring content personas. Are you a mechanic who can give you some advice about cars. car maintenance, what to look out for? Can you portray this to your client thru video?
    4. Platforms: Choose the best of the available social platforms that you want to dedicate your time to and make sure you know that your client/ audience ia active on this platform.
    5. Process/Systems: Set up the infrastructure and learn to use the tools efficiently. If you are using a social media manager. You may only need to learn how to send photos and short videos to your SMM fo rthem to edit and ad text to.

This is the framework of how to lay the foundations of your social media strategy; to get you started on the right foot. Check back shortly for the next installment of your social media strategy guide where we will talk more about (1) goals.


Cheers Hayley!