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New features on Instagram

Instagram never stops surprising us… recently we have had weekly updates and it looks like it won’t stop anytime soon. Below I highlight the new features coming to a screen near you!

Instagram Stories Link Sticker:

One of the most exciting news bulletins this year. is the launch of link stickers in stories. This is available to all users, no matter the number of followers on your account. It is no longer reserved for accounts with 10k plus. Whoop Whoop.

What a positive change for small entities such as people running their own businesses. Or people who are starting their own business after losing their job during covid.

Instagram has many video formats, such as IGTV, LIVEs, wall videos… so the new move is to condense video formats – . ALL videos can be found on the “Instagram Videos” tab on your profile now.

Longer Stories:

Stories that are longer than 60 sec will no longer be broken down into 15 seconds parts! woooooohooooo, Saving a lot of pain. Reels will be able to ve viewed completely, and placed in stories. This will help to increase the reach and impressions and followers!!!

Upload from your desktop:

You can finally post photos from your computer. I’ve already been using this function as I like to batch post from my desktop so I can check the quality of the images in a larger format than a desktop. The ability to share stories & reels through pc’s will hopefully follow.

Timeline Changes:

Shortly, you will be able to be more specific about what you want to see more of in your insta timeline.

TWO links in bio… WHATTTTT!:
I love this new change. You will soon be able to add your FB link on top of your regular bio link. How cool is that!

If you don’t have some of these features yet – don’t panic. As usual, Insta will roll out to different countries and accounts at different times. Enjoy

Once again if you are struggling then shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do!

Cheers Hayley – your marketing maniac