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#### Let’s talk Instagram and Hashtags ####

Instagram users and developers, and social media marketers are moving away from saying “use ALL 30 hashtags’. Why is that?

Hashtags are used to inform Instagram and the algorithm they use to recognise the niche or interests you want to connect with.

Using a smaller number of hashtags (8-15) will give the algorithm a more streamlined and focused identity. Using too many hashtags, i.e. (all 30 of them) can confuse the algorithm.

So what is the best practice then? We should think about hashtags as creating in marketing what we call a “persona,” so a persona for your account.

4 Rules to post by!

  1. Include 8-15 hashtags on your post; closer to 8 is best.
  2. Firstly, approximately 3 of them should be the same on every post you make
  3. The remaining should be very relevant to the particular post
  4. Hashtags should guide and direct towards who the post is for.

Consistency with the above and with your social meida posting is another of the ways to maintain and broaden your presence on social media platforms. It also helps you to gain traction among your current and intended audience.  Remember: Leadership guru John Maxwell said: “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.