Our basic, business and bonus social media plans all include ad budgets. We pay for you. No massive credit card bills at the end of the month.
It’s an Exciting Day!  You’re taking the first step to building an efficient, effective, & predictable marketing effort.  Your Website developed will play a critical role in converting qualified website visitors into sales qualified leads.  It is very important to provide detailed information & all the required assets. We can not start the development of your new website until all items on this form is filled. STEP 1: Website Asset Verification  Timeframe: 3-5 Business Days From Order Submission NOTE: WE WILL NOT START UNTIL ALL ASSETS ARE RECEIVED. The first step is to review and save the below items: Color Scheme Logo Domain Name Provided -or- Domain Name Preferences  Website Template  Creative Assets    Content Statement of Work (SOW) For Sign Off STEP 2: Design Draft Timeframe: 7-10 Business Days From Receipt of Required Materials At this time you are allowed one change to the colors and layout. The second step is to design the look/feel and function of your website: Color Scheme and Logo. Home Page Images Interior Page Names Menu Structure Image Placement Page URL structure STEP 3: Final Site Proof Timeframe: 7-10 Business Days from approved Design Draft Timeframe: 5-7 Business Days Second & final opportunity to request changes or revisions. Send all revisions together on one editable document (MS Word or Google Doc) . STEP 4: Go Live 3-5 Business Days From Approved Final Site Proof We must have access to your domain provider portal/account. For any queries, please email [email protected] or call +64 21 1977 600

Company Information Section

This section will gather your company information to use on your website as well as information Google will need to index your site.

Select Your Primary Google Business Categories  NOTE: The categories you select can be listed on the next slide   NOTE: Use this link to search Google Business Categories. NOTE: List up to 10 categories. NOTE:  To search the list, press & hold the "Alt" then "F" keys,  a search bar will appear.  

Website & Domain Information Section

This section will gather the information needed to host your site as well as pertinent information on your existing website, if you have one.

Content Section

This section is the most important section of the website onboarding form. We DO NOT provide the written content for your website. We are not subject matter experts nor knowledgeable in your industry, therefore we require that you provide the content. We do offer a service to write content for your site but require a content outline for each page. It is helpful to provide links to similar services or competitor sites. We require your written approval before starting. This is an additional fee, please contact your account manager at [email protected] to add this service.

Social Media Section

This section will gather your social media information to be added to your website

Select The Social Media Sites To Be Added To Your Website

Additional Information

This section is where you can add additional information or notes